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Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 2017 Business Meeting

Things happening at Lamplighters EGA
  • The Minutes from our previous Business Meeting with read and approved as provided.
  • Membership Dues is due in May.  Payment slips were provided for your convenience.  Dues will be $46 for regular members; $43 for senior members.
  • Treasurer provided a verbal report.   There has been no change to our account since the fall meeting.

Committee Reports
  • Programming - Please review your NeedleArts Magazine for lightning round classes you may be interested in taking.  
  • 2017-2018 Challenge - If you have not already done so, please provide Pat Y. with your list of challenge projects for 2017-18.  The goal is to complete as many WIP's as possible by June 2018.
  • Publicity - Both the Facebook page and the blog are up and running.  
  • Regional Report - Marion S. provided a lot of information that she brought back from the Regional Meeting.   
    • The seminars were a grant success, both in attendance and financially, for EGA.   Some of the proceeds could find their way to our region.  
    • Overall, EGA membership is declining.  Regional is conducting a poll:   Why did you join EGA?   A brief answer would be helpful to EGA as they evaluate membership and how to attract new members.   See the Regional Webpage.    
    • The By-Laws Committee is drafting a proposal on the record retention policy for past meeting minutes.   We will need to stay tuned for updates.
    • Regional has money available for scholarships.   An application must be completed with your reason for taking the class.  Sometimes a brief paragraph is required as a follow up after the class.   The main point is....money is available.   See the Regional Website. 
    • Smart Day will be in Charlottesville, VA this year.    All the stitching for the project is all pre-work. The finishing will be demonstrated at Smart Day.   The workshop costs has been subsidized by Regional.   The cost to attend is $10.50
Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • May -  
    • Patty H. of Gloucester County Historical Society will speak to the group about antique samplers. 
    • The slate of officers for the coming term will be announced.
    • Bring in your unwanted stash!   Pat L. has volunteered to sort and package unwanted stash  and delivery it to Fireside Stitchery.   Fireside will auction the items on eBay.   After taking their percentage, they will issue a check to Lamplighters EGA.   What is acceptable:  complete kits, floss - unopened; fabric, patterns.  Pat will let members 'shop'  before taking the items home to sort and prep for sale.  
    • Please bring any items for the October display at the Gloucester County Library for Linda W. to get an idea of the variety and the number of pieces she will have.  (See October below.)
    • Arts in Bloom - Katie shared brochures for Arts in Bloom.   It is the weekend of May 20-21.  Members are encouraged to attend as many of the sites as possible.   We may consider participating next year.   If so, we will want to contact Kathy Mills in September.
  • June - Election of officers will be held.   Following e business portion of the meeting, we will work on one of two projects.   Pat Y. will bring her supply of bookmarks for anyone who wishes to stitch bookmarks for the literacy project.   For members who are working on the collapsible out box, assistance in assembly will be available.
  • July 22 - Linda W. announce she has three teachers for the Christmas in July.   Sign up by the May meeting.  The cost is $20 for the day.
  • Sept-Oct-Nov - Joan T. will be teaching a stump-work name tag.   It can be found in the December 2016 NeedleArts magazine on page 12.  Joan is going to help us stitch and finish  piece.   We will be able to add our names so we can use it as a name tag.
  • October - Linda W. reminded everyone we have the display case at the Gloucester County Library in October.   Linda would like a variety of items to display that will show the range of the work we can do.  Please find any items you would like to be part of the display to the May meeting.   For large framed pieces, the display case size is an issue.
  • December - Holiday Exchange - This year the exchange is a biscournu or a pin cushion.   Get stitching now!
Linda W. researched and found a location that will provide a meeting room at no COST!   After discussion on the pros (free) and cons (location), Linda was authorized to complete the application for the Gloucester County Library to apply for the second Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:30.   She will ask for the room to be available at 6 and our meeting will start at 6:30.  We will keep you posted

Show and Tell
This beautiful piece was stitched by Marion S.   She received a wonderful First Place ribbon from Woodlawn.

Look at this beautiful detail work.

Below, another beauty from Marion.   Her 'paper dolls' received an Honorable Mention ribbon from Woodlawn.   We don't know what the judges were looking at.....we all think this is a winner for sure!

Caryl C. stitched this pretty snowman.  This was an ornament pattern from a Just Cross Stitch Christmas edition.  Not only did she stitch the snowman, she painted, lined and covered the box lid.

Another Just Cross Stitch ornament from Caryl C.  Caryl changed it up a bit but adding beads to the design area.  
Another beauty from Caryl.   This is from Heartstrings Samplery as part of the Prim Stitchers Society.   Those letters are stitched over one to give you an idea of the size of this cutie.

A quadril ornament also stitched by Caryl C., aka turbo stitcher/finisher!
Pat L.'s folding ort box from the guild stitch-a-long project.

Pat Y. shared two whitework pieces she recently had framed.

Linda W. is getting ready for Memorial Day and the 4th of July with this pretty ornament.

Caryl C. will bring in some comic board to the May meeting.   She uses it to stabilize her stitching when finishing instead of skirtex.

Stash Busting
Katie provided us with a shape to use for our interpretive stitching.   Her idea came from the December NeedleArt issue, page 18, the Stitch Your Brain Project.   She choose an apple as our shape.  (pix to follow).   You are to use your stash only and whatever stitches you want.   We are anxious to see the various ways the stitchers interpret the assignment.  Hopefully many will have something to share at our September Meeting.

Add I almost forgot!  This was our covered dish dinner meeting.   As always, everything was delicious and somehow without even coordinating our efforts, we end up with a great variety of some tasty food.

Don't forget to visit our Facebook page and add pictures of your latest stitching and to add information about projects, etc.
Keep on stitching and you in May!

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