Woodstown, New Jersey EGA Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Region

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 2018 Meeting

President Joan T. started the meeting with some updates from the Executive Business Meeting.

  • The Board is suggesting we discontinue the discounted rate for Senior Citizens
  • The Board is suggesting we raise the Plural Dues to $15
  • The Board is suggesting that any one who teaches at Christmas in July should get a $7 reduction in the cost.
All were discussed and will be voted on at the next meeting.

EGA has a new logo.   The new logo is more modern and part of  EGA's work to rebrand themselves and hopefully attract new and younger members.  EGA is still in the process of updating the website.   Keep checking in to watch  for changes.

Treasurer Caryl C. has received a $500 check from National representing our share from seminar.   National would like it used towards teaching fees or class supplies.   We will discuss ideas and make a decision in the near future on how we will spend the money.   Caryl also has received another check from Fireside.   Thank you Pat L. for your efforts gathering, sorting and delivering our items there.

This meeting's class
Last month,  we received a instructions from Linda W. on a small surface embroidery project to stitch.  This month Linda taught how to assemble and  to lace the project.   Mat board, comic board, batting and backing fabric were all provided.   After gathering our pieces for assembly, Linda showed us how to pin our project in prep for lacing.  She then demonstrated how to lace using thread directly from the spool of thread (not a cut piece).

It is hard to see, but Linda shows her stitching and batting pinned to the mat board ready to start the lacing.  Below, another member moves towards a finish.

Upcoming -

Carol C. will lead us in a two-month plastic canvas crazy quilt piece.   It will be distributed, taught and started in March.   Participants will be assembling the piece at the May meeting.   More information will be emailed by Caryl C. before the March Meeting.  Estimated cost is expected to be under $10 per kit.

The Regional Meeting will be in Wilkes Barre in April.    Marian S. will be attending.   If you wish to attend, advanced sign up is necessary.

Assembly of the Crazy Quilt canvas piece.

Also in May, DVHSG will be hosting a gold work class.   For Lamplighter's that are not already DVHSG members, the cost will be $25 for membership and the class fee of approximately $50.  Those who are already members, the cost is only the class fee.   The class will be a half day class on the second Saturday of May at Cokesbury Village in Hockessin, Delaware.  Stacy S. will provide more information at the next EGA meeting.

BJ S. will teach us to make chocolate candies.   Go out right now and get your Russell Stover's little candy heart box and save it to put some of these beauties in.  Don't they look yummy.

Christmas in July will be July 21st.  Two members have already agreed to teach.  The cost will be $20.   A sign up sheet will be circulated starting next month.

Our holiday exchange theme will be any needlework small - pin cushion, needle book, scissors fob, etc.

Show and Tell

Cherished Stitches pillow, stitched and finished by Pat L.
Shiny Needle Society Mystery Sampler, stitched by Joan T.
Stitched by Linda W.
Blackwork Heart, an EGA Petite Project, stitched by Linda W.
Tony Minieri piece, stitched by Marian S.

 Next meeting, March 8th.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

January 2018 Meeting

Sorry for the late update......I headed out to Camp WannaStitch the morning after our January meeting and just haven't gotten around to doing this update.......

Let me start with Camp WannaStitch.   I don't know how long Ann W. has been coordinating this annual event but this is my third year.   The fellow EGA members (EGA Exclusive Event for the Mid-Atlantic Region) fill the room each year to capacity.   Each year, I have arrived around noon on Friday to find all the tables filled.......I think some of these ladies are coming a day early!  This year it was 174 woman and one man.   Brave soul that he was.   It is a nice weekend of no pressure, fellowship with stitching buddies old and new and what eye candy to behold as you walk around the room to see what everyone is stitching on.    Many were working on Honey Ambrosia which is even more beautiful in person.

If anyone finishes a project during the weekend, they go up front, ring the bell and everyone cheers and applauds for their accomplishment.   The accommodations are decent.   We stay at the Clarion Fountainebleau on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland.   Restaurant, pool, fitness room, bar, gift shop are all onsite and one never needs to leave until Monday morning.   There are no vendors or marketplace set up but we are only a short ride to Salty Yarns or Sea Needles and both stores generously include discount coupons in our welcome packet.   So ladies watch for the announcement in August or September if you are interested in attending.   It is a great weekend to make progress on a favorite project.  Member Pat L. took our collection of items we were donating for the Paraklette collection.

Now to our January Meeting.

Report -

  • The holiday decorations at the Woodstown Library were taken down.   The Library again thanks Lamplighters EGA and welcomed us to return again next year.
  • Woodlawn - Pat Y. will again collect and deliver items to Woodlawn for the annual needlework exhibit during the month of March.
  • EGA National - We have a new logo!   It have been revised to make it more current.  The new logo must still be a secrete because I am not finding in on the EGA website.  National is revamping their image to attract new younger members.  If you have seen it yet, EGA is conducting month long SAL on their Facebook page.    They are also working up update the EGA website - stay tuned folks and check that website often to see what is going on!  
  • Stitch in Public Day - February 23rd - we are looking at options for where we might be able to do this.
  • Upcoming Classes 
    • Linda W. will teach the finishing on the Gingerbread Heart at our February Meeting.  Linda will instruct us how to lave the finished surface embroidery piece.
    • Christmas in July - we have two teachers ready to go with their projects selected.   Sign-up sheets will be available soon.
    • In March we will work on a Crazy Quilt Project lead by Carol C.  
    • In September and October, Linda W. will teach the EGA canvas Christmas Tree that is featured in the NeedleArts Magazine. (see at right)
    • December will be our annual holiday exchange - participation is voluntary. More details on a a theme to follow.

  • Show And Tell

 Some busy little stitcher(s) completed the pattern that was given away at the December meeting.

 This beautiful piece was stitched by Marian S.   It is from Victoria's Sampler and now out of print.

Another Victoria's Sampler design, Christmas Day, stitched by Joan T.

Bell Pull stitched by Katie K. from her UFO project pile.

 Crazy Quilt Pillow by Katie K.

Karolin R. had a few pieces to share.   First this Mill Hill Christmas band sampler

Also, from Karolin, another Mill Hill piece

And Morning Meadow also stitched by Karolin R.

 Caryl C. stitched and finished these three drums.
On the left is a SamSarah design, in the back is "Stitch Every Day" by Hands on Designs and to the right was a free Christmas Drum project

Also by Caryl C. this adorable small by Mani di Donna
Things are happening at Lamplighters EGA!  If you are nearby, plan to attend a meeting as a guest and see if you'd like to join us!

Next Meeting, February 8, 2018.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

December 2017 Meeting

We had a nice Holiday Meeting complete with delicious cookies, a holiday exchange and a kit for an ornament.

Library  - a group meet on the first Friday of December.  After lunch together, they went to the Woodstown Library where they decorated the tree with stitched ornaments.   Photos were taken and a selection will be shared with NeedleArts Magazine.   Charlotte will also include the photos in the next newsletter.

We will ask Charlotte to be sure to include reminders to check both our Blog and our FaceBook page for updates.

Ambrosia Honey - President Joan T. asked if there was any interest from members to work on this as a stitch-a-long.   Kits are available from Half Moon Handworks.   This piece is currently being featured on EGA's FB page.  The design appears in four parts in four consecutive NeedleArts Magazines.

Room Rent Reminder - Reminder to members - donations accepted each month to help cover the costs of the rental fee for our monthly meetings.

Fabric and Fibers Donations - Marian will be collecting donations of fibers and fabrics that are being collected for women in need.   Marian will deliver these goods to the regional meeting in March.

Stash Sales - We received our first check from the sale of stash items on eBay.   Pat L. handed over a check for $260.72.   I think this amount surprised some!   This was for the first of three lots that we have put up for auction.  Thank you Pat L. for handling this.

Programs - In January and February, we will work on a petite embroidery project.   It is called a gingerbread heart.   Kits complete with instructions, fabric, floss and finishing supplies will cost $3.   Embroidery instructions will be in January and finishing will be done in February.   Linda W. will teach us.  Please bring a 6-inch embroidery hoop to the meeting.

In September and October will be work on the Christmas Tree in the NeedleArts Magazine that is currently part of the EGA Stitch-a-long on FaceBook.   Kits will be provided at a cost yet to be determined.   Cost will be under $10.

Nativity Open House - Lamplighter Member Pat Y. will host her annual open house.   She has countless stitched nativity scenes and pieces.   December 17th from 1:30 to 4:30.    Refer to your member's list for her address.

Regional News - Regional has asked for our input on a Region Sponsored Seminar in 2020. They are gauging interest to help make their decision to host the two to three day event in the spring of 2020 in the Hershey PA area.    By a show of hands, the majority agreed they would be interested in attending.  2020 will be here before we know it.

Executive Meeting - The Executive Committee will hold a meeting on January 24th at 7 pm at Marian's home.  All members are welcomed to attend.

Show 'n Tell 

Member Verna M. shared some old pieces from stitcher Debbie P.   Blackwood, crewel, whitework...these were all stitched in the 70's and 80's.

The birth sampler below was stitched for a friend who's child passed away as an infant.

Fragrance in the Garden stitched by Pat L. and Marian S.   Class pieces from National Seminar last year.

Stitched by Marian S.

 Robin T. stitched this Shepherd's Bush stocking for her grandson.   She hopes to do the finishing by Christmas Eve.
 Robin T. made this cherry pie pin cushion.   It is nestled in a mason jar lid.
 Deb N. stitched this piece for her kitchen.

 Here is a close up of Eleanor Parr stitched by Pat L.
She plans to mount it as a frame for a mirror for her grand daughter.   Won't that look pretty?

Holiday Exchange - this year's theme was a biscournu or pin cushion.  Look at the pretties!

We were all gifted with the complete kit to make this little holiday ornament.  The pattern comes with three versions:   "Behold", "rejoice", and "Gloria"

Next meeting - January 11th

Saturday, November 11, 2017

November 2017 Meeting

Wow Wee!  We had a record number in attendance at this month's meeting.   It was so great to see so many stitcher's coming out to our meeting.


  • Thank you to Linda W. for handling the display at the Gloucester County Library.  The Library was impressed and we have been invited to 'fill' the display case again in the future.   Pictures were taken and will be sent to NeedleArts for Community Outreach
  • Christmas Tree Trimming - Members who wish to participate will be meeting at the Woodstown Dinner at noon on December 1st.   After lunch, they will go to the Library to decorate the  Christmas  Tree and display case with their stitched ornaments.  
  • Email - Members should have received an email from EGA Regional containing a survey.   There are a few brief questions regarding interest and what you would like to see offered at the Regional Meeting in 2020.   Please take the few minutes to reply.  
  • Regional Meeting - The National recently received the first installation of an endowment.  The proceeds will be dedicated to updating the website and computers as well as a new marketing campaign.  The next Regional Meeting is scheduled for April 13 and 14, 2018.
  • National Challenge and Fundraiser - National is sponsoring a fundraiser called "Bling Bra".    You decorate a bra with anything you want but your cannot use glue.  The cost is $5 to enter and the limits are as endless as your imagination.   Marion will take any entries to the next Regional Meeting in April.  
  • Camp WannaStitch - January 2018, Clarion Hotel, OCMD.    They are close to reaching their 174 capacity.  They will be collecting small cross stitch kits to share in disaster areas.
  • Needlepoint Event at Winterthur in March.   There will be classes and lectures.
  • Royal School of Needlework - The RSN will be teaching a one week class in July in Lexington, Ky.  Registration for class opens January 15, 2018.   There will be two identical one week sessions.  This is no class or piece information yet.
  • Donations - Donations are accepted at each meeting for our "Room Rental" fund.  Joan brought a small that she will set out at each meeting for donations.  
  • Fireside - Pat L. reported our first stash items will be going for sale next week.
  • NeedleArts Magazine - We are looking for any interest in completing the Ambrosia Honey featured in the NeedleArts Magazine.   Half Moon Hand Workes is offering kits at three levels.   Complete kits, Canvas, Threads and Beads or just Threads and Beads.
  • December  - Annual Holiday Exchange.   The theme this year is a pin cushion or biscournu. Refreshments will be served.    Karen K. will also teach an ornament class.

Show and Tell

 Stitched by Lynn B. - Autumn at Sinking Springs, by Linda Myers

Stitched by Lynn B. - Earth Rise

 Stitched by Pat Y.

Above and below, also by Pat Y.

Stitched by new member, Stacy S.

Also stitched by Stacy S., a Sue Hillis Design.   This is from the recent Jamboree at Salty Yarns in OCMD

This is Caryl C.'s version from the same event.
 Above, the spool is also a finish by Caryl C. from Jamboree.

Stacy S. and Robin T.'s Hands On Design finishes from a retreat by Stitch by Stitch, Cape May, NJ

Lighthouses by Carol C.

Chocolate! by Linda W.

Needle Rolls by Linda W.

Deb N.'s finish of a Christmas in July ornament.

Stitched by Marion, A Winter's Tale, a Tony Mineri design

Frame weight from Regional by Marion S.

 Also by Marion S., from Just Another Button Company

 Next meeting, 2nd Thursday of December.