Woodstown, New Jersey EGA Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Region

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 2017 Meeting

It was great to see everyone after our summer meeting break.   We all recently received the minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting and hope that you reviewed them.


This was the first meeting for new President Joan T.  After welcoming everyone, Joan thanked outgoing President KarenAnne for her years of service and presented her with a 'thank you' gift.  KarenAnne checked her notes and she has been our President for 10 years.   Thank you KarenAnne for your dedication to Lamplighters and EGA!

Treasurer's Report
Our Treasurers Report was provided.   Caryl C. reviewed the report.   A new feature Caryl has added to the monthly report is to keep a tally of the programs we sponsor and their specific costs.   This will help us in the future  to determine pricing for programs and projects and if they are a good financial choice for Lamplighters.  Motion was made, all in favor of accepting the report.

Katie circulated the list of names and addresses as well as the list of email addresses.   Corrections were made and shared.   Katie will update her master lists for future handouts.  Caryl C. will include copies of the updated list with the Members Meeting Minutes.

As decided at the Executive Board Meeting, items brought for Opportunity and NOT bought by a member, need to be taken home by the person who brought them.   The EXCEPTION is any items that are to be forwarded to Fireside Stitchery.   REMEMBER - Fireside WILL NOT take any opened floss, any started projects, any free patterns.

We have three community events upcoming.  First, Linda W. is collecting items for the Gloucester County Library Display.   Our needlework will be featured during the month of October.   Please contact Linda if you have an item you'd like to add to the display.  Even though it is October, your item does not need to be Fall or Halloween themed.

Our second community, Stitch in Public, the location and details are still being worked out.   The Library does not have a room available for us to use.   Linda will continue to search for a venue.  More info will follow.

Third, is our annual holiday display at the Woodstown Library.   We are on their calendar to again decorate the tree and display cases.   More information and the date will follow at future meetings.

Blog and Facebook
Not so many visitors to our blog yet....but we will keep at it.   Our Facebook page is seeing activity.   Some former members have left comments on our posts.   After each meeting, I do upload to FB the pictures of Show 'n Tell.

Marion is our Regional Representative and will be attending the seminar in October.  She will be taking a class on finishing.   There were three choices:   a biscournu, a pin cushion or a frame weight. Prestitching was required and the class description says....'be prepared to finish"...whichever you chose to stitch.   Looking forward to see what Marion has to share after the seminar!

As a result of a decision at the Executive Board Meeting, the Senior Rate for dues will be eliminated. All memberships will be the same cost.  There was a discussion about the rate plural members should pay but no decision was made.

Sampler package of Krenik threads available to pre-order.
Upcoming - We are co-sponsoring a Doug Krenik Seminar on November 11, 2017 at the Sheraton South, Wilmington DE.    Arranged by the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guide (DVHSG) and also sponsored by the Brandywiners EGA, Mr. Krenik will host a lecture on his company, his products and will share tips and secrets.   He will be bringing over 300 completed works to show the varied uses of Kreink floss.  He is offered a sampler kit of his products which includes floss, charts, samples.   The cost is $70 pre-paid.   Orders are due by October 28.   Orders to be mailed should add $7.95 to the price.  

As sponsors, members of DVHSG, Lamplighters and Brandywiners can attend at no cost.   Non-members can attend with an admission price  of $25 (cost of a membership) to DVHSG.

Pat L. has made two deliveries to Fireside of items to be auctioned on eBay.   None of our items are actively on the auction site yet.   Hopefully we will get a nice check for our treasury once the items come up for auction.

Christmas in July
July 2018 is a bit away but we can tell you this much.  We will hold Christmas in July on either the 3rd or 4th Saturday of July.   Robin T. has two Gingerbread patterns left from last July's Christmas in July.   The kits are $6 each.   She will bring them to the monthly meetings until sold.

Gingerbread Guy and Gal are seen here with the two other Christmas in July 2017 projects.
For September-October-November, Joan T. will teach the Christmas Rose stump work ornament from the December 2016 NeedleArts Magazine.   Once completed, Joan will teach us how to turn the ornament into a name tag.  The kits were distributed.   Our assignment this month is to complete the stem stitching for the stems of the leaves.   Then we should do the fern stitch for the leaves.   All the directions are in NeedleArts.  If you have never done stump work, this is a great introductory project. This month's work can be complete in about an hour!  We should all be able to keep on schedule for October!

December Meeting will be our holiday exchange.   This year's theme is a biscournu or pin cushion.   If you wish to participate in the exchange, bring a stitched and wrapped biscournu or pin cushion  to the December meeting and be part of the fun! Bring a gift/get a gift!

January Meeting will be Show 'n Tell of your stitched Christmas ornaments.

Our Program Chair was absent but we were told she has a number of ideas in the works that she will share at the next meeting.

Show 'n Tell
"Sunflowers......" by Joan T.
"Rosito" by Joan T.
Several stitchers brought in their completed Christmas in July projects.
Stitched and finished by Caryl C.  This is part of the Prim Stitchers Society by
Dying to Stitch.  This is called the "Clustered Starts" from Blackbird Designs.   Nice job Caryl!

Deb N. has been busy with this scary due above.
Also from Deb N. the finish of a prior year's Christmas in July
Heart in a Box also by Deb N.
A Mill Hill holiday stitch by Deb N.
And last by not least by Deb N. the stitched cat mounted in the tart pan.  The pattern is
 from Plum Street Samplers and is mounted in a 4-inch tart pan.
Katie K. brought home a ribbon from this year's county fair.   Great job Katie!
Katie completed the Apple Challenge by stitching her apple on a sweatshirt.  

 If you are reading this and are in the South Jersey area, we'd love to have to attend a meeting.  Until next month.......keep on stitching.

Monday, July 24, 2017

EGA and Facebook

EGA has a new page on Facebook.

EGA Stitch-a-Long  

Go to Facebook and search "EGA Stitch-a-long" and ask to be a member!  It is that easy.   Their current stitch-a-long is an American flag, stitched with a variety of finishes.  It looks like a quick project stitched on your choice of background fabric and using floss and fibers from your stash. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Christmas in July 2017

It was a great day to get together and think of the chill in the air at Christmastime considering we were expecting a heat index of the upper 90's with high humidity.

The day started as everyone arrived and had a few quick minutes to catch up before class started.   First, we were treated to a nice goody bag.

And then the three projects for Christmas in July were shared.....

The first class was lead by member Robin T.   It was a gingerbread man stitched on DMC switchable cork.   Stitching on cork was something none of us had done before.   The piece consisted of stem stitch, french knows, adding buttons and then making your 'quilt' sandwich of backing, batting and stitched piece.  Finally it was stitched together with the buttonhole stitch.  The gingerbread man was finished with a tie to hang as an ornament.  The kit also included a pattern for the gingerbread girl.

The second class was lead by Lynn B.    She  provided instructions for a  snowflake humbug.   Lynn had a variety of blue flosses to stitch with and included variegated blue perle cotton to make twisted cord and tassel for turning the completed humbug into a scissors fob.   Beads were also part of the kit.

The third and last class was lead by KarenAnn M.   She shared a hot cocoa mug complete with cookies and cinnamon sticks!  (stitched cookies that is!)  The gray linen made a pretty background for the red mug and gingerbread cookies.  KarenAnn will be finishing hers as a Christmas Card.   Another way to finish would be as a flat-fold or mounted on felt.

Thank you ladies for teaching the classes for the rest of us.

It was a fun day and it was nice to learn methods or finishes we may have never done before.  It was also fun to have some quick little projects.

Extra kits will be available for purchase at the September meeting.   The cost will be $6.

Friday, July 7, 2017

June 2017 Meeting

Check out your latest edition of NeedleArts for Lightning Round Classes.   Sign up before August!

Linda is taking names of anyone who may be interested in doing a group project.   

Christmas in July will be July 22nd.   The cost is $20 for three projects.   The room will be open at 8:30 and instructions will start at 9.   Please bring a packed lunch.   Water, tea and ice will be provided.   Class size is limited to 22; there are still a few spots open.   Deadline to sign up is June 15th.   If you wish to bring a dessert to share, please do.

Fireside Stitchery - Pat L. has sorted and taken the first collection of patterns and supplies to Fireside to be auctioned on eBay.   Fireside will give us a cash percentage of the sales. Pat doesn't expect our items to start to be auctioned for at least eight weeks.   She may be able to share a check for the sales at our September meeting!  Please reminder when sorting your stash, this is an option for  stash reduction.   It helps you and helps the Guild too!

Elections for the next term were held.   The slate of officers was announced at the May Meeting.  
The slate is:
     Joan Teirno, President
     Karen Kayser, Vice President
     Pat Lerch, Secretary
     Caryl Carthew, Treasurer
Having no nominations from the floor, the members present at the meeting voted unanimously for the slate as presented.    Thank you ladies for your service to our Guild.  

Arts In Bloom
We have been considering participating in the Salem County Arts In Bloom in some capacity.  Marian S. attended this year to get an idea of the venues available that might work for us to use as a stitch in public.   It is a juried event and an application for participation will need to be completed in the fall.    Katie C. will get information on the deadline for sign-up.  If we do participate, we will need to set a schedule of members to attend the two day function.  We will discuss and make a decision at our September Meeting.  It could be a great way to share our love of stitching and get the word out about our group.   Maybe we cold generate a few new members.

Stump Work Class
The class will be lead by Joan T.    The stump work piece will be taught at the September, October and November meetings.   If you have never done stump work, this is a great introduction.  The pattern is in the December 2016 NeedleArts Magazine.   The cost has not been determined yet but is estimated to be under $10.00 per person.  Instead of adding the year, we will personalize with our own names.

In October ,Linda W. will be arranging a needlework display at the Gloucester County Library for Lamplighters.   She is hoping each member will bring one or two pieces to be displayed.  The items will be on display for the entire month of October but she is not looking for Halloween themed stitching.  You should include your name and the technique used to do the piece.  Linda will send a reminder in August and will have more details.  

Show and Tell
The first two pieces are canvas work stitched by Linda W.  She is stitching these as a ghost stitcher through a guild in California. 

Photos don't do these justice.  

Seaside Sampler from Rosewood Manor, stitched by Pat L.   The color palette is just gorgeous.

 From Blackbird Designs, The Octopus' Garden, part of the tribute to the Beatles series, stitched by Caryl C.

Crazy Dog Lady also stitched by Caryl C.

The design below is from Theresa Baird of Hearts Ease Exemplar.   Stitched and finished on a box lid by Caryl C.

Next meeting - Second Thursday of September.   Happy Summer everyone.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 2017 Meeting

Our meeting was called to order and several announcements were made.

Meeting Location
We had a brief update to our ongoing discussion about a possible new meeting location.  Linda W. learned the Gloucester County Library is not available on the second Thursday of the month.  Also, the Pitman Methodist Church is available but not for the second Thursday.  The Swedesboro Library has a parking issue.    There was discussion on other possible locations as well as the suggestion from the floor to increase the dues to cover the cost of the room rental and the suggestion that we each pay $2 per meeting to help with the cost of the room.  Members were tasked with coming back to the June meeting with suggestions as well as concerns regarding the change in venue and change in day for our monthly meetings.

Christmas in July
The sign-up for Christmas in July was circulated.  There are three projects chosen and three volunteers to teach.

Stumpwork Name Tag Project
The sign-up sheet for the stump work name tag was also circulated.   The project will be broken done into three meetings (Sept., Oct., Nov. 2017)  The cost will be approximately $5.  The fabric, wire, beads, padding and gold threads will be in the kits.   The pattern is in the December 2016 NeedleArts Magazine.   Joan T. will share her talents and teach us.

Nominating Committee Report
The Nominating Committee, consisting of Marion S., Pat L., and Robin T.  presented a full slate of officers for the next term.
President - Joan T.
Vice President - Karen K.
Secretary - Pat L.
Treasurer - Caryl C.

Elections will be at the June meeting.   

Old Business
     Stash reduction items were brought in by members.   Pat L. quickly sorted and divided into $1, $2, and $5 groupings.  Members were welcomed to 'shop' the patterns and supplies making a donation to our "Room Rental" fund.   The items that remained, were taken home by Pat L. She will sort and then delivery to Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, PA.   Fireside will auction items on eBay and return a percentage of the sales to us in cash.   This project was undertaken to help defray the cost of room rental.  Bring out your unwanted patterns and supplies to the June meeting and Pat can add it to the treasure trove of items she has already collected.  Thank you Pat for taking this task on!

     Arts in Bloom
     Arts in Bloom will be May 20th and 21st.   There is no cost to attend.   Members were encouraged to attend the event which consists of visiting the many artisans and shops in the area at a county-wide open house.  We are considering participating next year as a stitch in public day.  Please check out the event and help scout a suitable location where we may wish to set up a table and show our handiwork.   This can be an excellent way to gain visibility and perhaps attract new members.

Show and Tell

Seaside Sampler by Rosewood Manor, stitched by Pat L.

Christmas Scene by Dorothy Lescher, stitched by Marion S.   So sorry these are sideways!

The embellishments are this piece, as was the entire piece, we stunning.

Look the wallpaper above and the bell pull below.  It was stitched separately and then attached.

Oreanna by Gay Ann Rodgers, stitched by Marion S. (sorry for the glare from the overhead light)

Ornament from a monthly meeting project, stitched by Marion S.

Bee Tray and Smalls by Barbara Jackson, stitched by Marion S.

Ort Box, EGA Project, stitched by Marion S.

Seminar piece by Gary Clark, stitched by Linda W.

Biscournu, by Sweetheart Tree, stitched by BJ S.

Florida Palm by Gail Sernus, stitched by BJ S.

Iris by Joan Thomason, stitched by BJ S.

Sampler-like piece with verse, stitched by Jane P.

Blackwood correspondence course, stitched by KarenAnn M.

Ornament from Just Cross Stitch 2014 Ornaments, stitched by Caryl C.

     We were fortunate to have Patty H. of the Gloucester County Historical Society as a guest speaker.   She has a vast knowledge of Gloucester County as well as south Jersey samplers.  She does extensive research and has some gems in the museum's collection.  The museum, founded in 1903, is housed in the Hunter-Lawrence-Jessup Museum, c. 1765.   It moved to this current location, 58 North Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ, in 1924.  There are more than 60 samplers in their collection.   Patty painstakingly charts many of these antique samplers which are for sale at the museum.  Patty's knowledge of the samplers and the families they came from is only surpassed by her enthusiasm and love of her work.

Please visit the Historical Society if you are ever in the area.   Currently they are featuring a display of weddings gowns which is quite lovely.   See this link for another post on the wedding gown display.

Details of two of the lovely treasures she brought to our meeting.

Next Meeting - June 9th 
     Elections will be held
     Pat Y. with help with stitching bookmarks
     Marion S. will assist with assembling the ort box project.